Flash ActionScript 3.0 MP3 Player

This mp3 player is a considerably updated AS3.0 rebuild of the AS1.0 mp3 player. Each time the mp3 player is loaded, a php script builds a dynamic playlist by looking for all the mp3s within a folder tree.

When the mouse hovers over a button, an embedded flv movie plays so that the buttons seem to glow. The buttons revert to their normal state smoothly when the mouse leaves them, even if the flv movie did not reach it's final frame. The volume can be changed by either dragging the slider, or by clicking along the track that the volume slider rides. The mp3 info will automatically crawl if it is too large for the container. If the comment text is too long, a functional scrollbar with arrows will appear; the mousewheel can also control the text scroll. The scrollbars for the playlist and the comment text adjust accordingly to reflect the ratio of visible text to total text.

The user can navigate the playlist in two ways. If the mouse enters over the playlist, the playlist expands while the details of the currently playing mp3 fade out. The playlist will scroll vertically in the direction of the mouse movement based on the distance from the top of the playlist. If the playlist arrows or scrollbar is dragged, the distance based scrolling will be disabled until the mouse leaves and re-enters the playlist.

The mp3 player's skin is meant to resemble the sleek, molded plastic of many real-world electronic devices.